Synergy Projects was founded in 2013 by Ron & Donna Muavae in Auckland.  They both have a heart for people and communities.  Their focus has always been in Youth Developments and Mentorship. Empowering communities and assisting them in realising their fullest potentials.

Engaging the youth and their families to participate, facilitate and have a sense of belonging in their local community.


Youth Mentorship, Family Support Services, Health & Wellbeing, Sports Programmes

Our programmes are design to develop young leaders of Maungakiekie, connect local families and support services, encourage wellbeing and healthy families through events such as sports. 

Creating programmes which helps the community become self sustainable through social enterprises.  Initiating Job creation opportunities for the people through the Oranga Development partnership with Kainga Ora.

Servicing our families through the local Beat Street Foodbank run by Synergy Projects in partnership with Kiwiharvest and local businesses in Maungakiekie.